how many terms are there in the sequence of 3,6,9,....... 300​


Answer 1


[tex]n = 100[/tex]

Explanation is attached to the picture

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Should Humanity future lie among the stars


Yes because it would be nice interesting it would be good to try something new it would help

Communicate with the stars and study them

did the doctor work hard to save his patients who were at deaths door (just answer i will mark as brilliant answer)​


Well hopefully he did??!

I don’t think he did tbh

what acts you can do to control air and water pollution.
its science subject



1:Reduce the number of trips you take in your car.

2:Reduce or eliminate fireplace and wood stove use.

3:Avoid burning leaves, trash, and other materials.

4:Avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.

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Dead sea is located between which two countries.​



Israel and Jordan.


I learned it in 7th grade

Which is a component of pseudoscience, but not science?






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I js did it

If kids at school are entitled to at least one recess a day, does that mean they get to have a recess?





they are entitled to one recess so they will definitely get it

help me plz (नेपाली)​



Kishan= नाम



This question has two parts. First, answer Part A. Then, answer Part B.

Part A: What is Maddie’s first idea about how to help?

Maddie wants to open an emergency shelter for lost pets.

Maddie thinks about opening a lemonade stand.

Maddie asks her parents for money.

Maddie thinks about collecting food from her classmates.

Part B: Maddie then thinks that her first idea will not work. Which sentence best supports this conclusion?

Her parents are looking to save money.

She needs to convince classmates to give food.

She only made $2.50 selling lemonade.

Her father had his hours cut.



Hi Lovelys!!

The answer is down below!!


Answer for part A: B. Maddie thinks about opening a lemonade stand.

Reason: Because Maddie really cares about animals, she wants to help. She resolves to find a way. She wonders what she can do to make a difference. She might open a lemonade stand.

Answer for part B: C. She only made $2.50 selling lemonade.

Reason:  Then she remembers she did that once. She sold a total of ten glasses of lemonade and made $2.50. It would not be enough to buy much food for the animals.

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Someone who nows Arabic pls help me now I’m really confused



First line

zaraea wahasada fa akala

second line

hakama faeaadala fafalaha

third line

balagha fa akhala farashada

fouth line

dakhala fajalasa fawakhafa

Menerangkan warisan seni bina rom di Malaysia​.



datang dari itali. bertapak dri negeri di malaysia melalui perdagangan. dan kini warisan rom kita boleh lihat seni binanya berada bnyak di malaysia

How do the two themes of the desperation of poverty and imagination as an escape from reality in “The Prince and the Pauper” interact?


Answer:They interact because Tom was a beggar who lived in a nice house, he begged to save enough for himself as he lived in this nice house. Poverty comes in at the point where he has no money for himself and how he has to beg people for the money. imagination comes in where he thinks of himself in a rich situation, where he lived a charm life in a regal palace.


The Prince and the Pauper is a novel written by Mark Twain. The story revolves around two kids who are look a like but they have difference in their social status.

One kid Edward is a prince and lives in a lavish house while the other kid Tom is poor and lives in a small cottage.

One day when the Tom was playing near the gates of the Edwards house, he saw him and tries to come towards him to greet but royal guard beat him and ensure he stays away from Edward.

Tom was feeling very sad so Edward takes him into his palace. Since they are look alike so they both plan to exchange their places and now Tom is living in the prince palace while Edward goes to Tom's place where his father was abusive so he runs from there.

This turns poverty and imagination into a reality where Tom has never thought he could live in prince palace ever in life.

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Read these sentences from the text.

The torrential rain of a hurricane often causes flooding. Almost ten inches of rain falls on North Carolina.

What does torrential mean in the sentence above?






The answer is : B. Heavy
Torrential stands for heavy

Ano ang pambansa na antas ng wika para kay Presidente?






alam ko yn kse Filipino ako:)



có nghĩa là gì ạ. Mình cảm ơn <3


(Person) 3 (face) 3 no (not) 3

đây là ý nghĩa của nó

Answer: có phải bạn đang giải pass truyện k??


यदि तिमि मित्रता कथाको राजा द्रुपद भएको भए द्रोणले पुरानो प्रतिज्ञा सम्झाउदा के गर्थ्यो , उत्तर देऊ |



what is this provide us question in English language

From the above figure which one is correct

Please answer me this question fast

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Your answer is in the attachment

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ano ang konotatibong kahulugan ng iniirog?​


[tex]\huge \orange \ \: \boxed {oh \: my \: god}[/tex]

[tex]\boxed \ \orange{oh \: my \: god}[/tex]

I need a good debate topic it can be about anything​



Whats better cats or dogs


A lot of people have different opinions on each animal.

Work File 07.04
The Fall of the Roman Empire

Using the web resources, in a short essay, discuss four factors which brought about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Your essay must include an introductory paragraph, a paragraph on each factor developing its contribution to the decline, and a concluding paragraph that ties the entire essay together. Save a copy on your computer, and then submit your document to your instructor.



The fall of the empire did fall. The fall of the Roman Empire was caused when there was less loyalty to Rome. The Urban Centers start to collapse. Also the military, political, and Social of Rome was causing Rome to collapse. Another reason of why the Roman Rome collapsed is when the aqueducts were destroyed and some of the public works. Rome is like if one thing falls apart the whole thing falls apart. The aqueduct made Rome collapse because the people of Rome needed water in and out so, when it collapse the population just literally dropped from like a million to a couple of hundred of the people and then the people of Rome just scattered to different areas to have a better life or to move where there is water or good harvests. The metaphor I think of it of Rome falling apart is when there is a grand sand castle, mighty, powerful, and wealthy. But, then the tides get high and wash it away. This is a reference to Rome because Rome was amazing with public works like coliseums, and the beauty, of Rome was demolished, gone, population drops because the ego, the life, the wealth is gone, and that is what I think of it.


Anh/ chị hiểu như thế nào về ý kiến: “Dù có thất bại thảm hại đến mấy chăng nữa
thì bạn cũng đã học hỏi được một điều gì đó bổ ích cho mình”.


Viết đoạn hay viết bài dị pạn

ऩाऱा लेखन - 1.कोरोऩा 2.दहिंदी ददवस 3.जल सिंरक्षण ( 20से 30 शब्दों में ललखखए।)


Answer:हिन्दी दिवस आजकल हमारे देश में एक औपचारिकता मात्र रह गया है लेकिन आज भी कुछ संस्थानों में हिन्दी पखवाड़ा, हिन्दी सप्ताह और हिन्दी दिवस जोर-शोर से मनाया जाता है। ज्यादातर संस्थानों में प्रतियोगिताएं आयोजित की जाती है। प्रस्तुत है कुछ सरलतम पंक्तियां हिन्दी दिवस के लिए


Define forcinacation



sexual intercourse between people not married to each other.


The main difference between oralism and sign language is the

A) communication method

B) signed English form

C) hearing levels

D) cochlear implant



option A


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what things or areas are used to express a language wisually such as asl. there are 3



ASL is expressed by movements of the hands and face.

I believe

Questions 5 to 7 are based on the following activity.
A balloon is fitted to the mouth of an empty glass bottle. The bottle is placed in water being heated in a pan. The balloon slowly gets inflated as shown in the photograph.
5. The balloon gets inflated because
(a) it gets heated and expands
(b) the air inside the bottle gets heated and expands
(c) the bottle gets heated and expands (
d) the water from the pan enters the balloon
6. What do you expect to happen if the bottle is taken out?
(a) The balloon will get deflated
(b) The bottle will break
(c) The balloon will burst
(d) None of these
7. The changes taking place in the balloon when the bottle is placed in the hot water and tak of it are (a) reversible
(b) irreversible
(c) chemical
(d) both physical and chemical E. Complete the following.
1. When you put some glucose in your mouth, your tongue feels cold because the dissolving glucose in saliva is an ...... change.
2. The slaking of​


Answer and Explanation:

First, observe and understand what is happening.

1. A balloon is on an empty glass bottle, which is placed in water that is being heated.

2. The balloon starts to become inflated, or filled with air.

5. The balloon gets inflated because:

(B) The air inside the bottle gets heated and expands.

The bottle is already filled with air (due to it being exposed before putting the balloon on it to cover the bottle). When air is heated, the molecules start to move around rapidly, coming into contact very frequently and wildly, which makes the air expand into the balloon, ultimately inflating it.

6. What do you expect if the bottle is taken out?

(A) The balloon will get deflated.

Due to the air in the bottle no longer being heated, the molecules will start to slow down, and the balloon will deflate.

7. The changes taking place in the balloon when the bottle is placed in the hot water and taken out of it are:

(A) Reversible

Although heat is used in the process, the air itself isn't changed chemically, only physically. The air can go from being at normal temperature to hot to being hot and back to normal temperature. Even if you were to freeze the air/make the air cold, the air can change back to normal temperature when heating the air.

1. When you put some glucose in your mouth, your tongue feels cold, because the dissolving of glucose in saliva is an endothermic change.

Endothermic reactions are where the reactants absorb the heat from the surrounding area to form the product. The glucose absorbs the warmth from your tongue, and as a result you feel the coldness of the glucose.

#teamtrees #PAW (Plant And Water)

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What happens after Maddie decides to convince her classmates to donate pet food? Select two options.

Her school is closed.

Her home is flooded.

Many dogs and cats were separated from their families.

She finds a big cardboard box in the garage.

Her mom lost her job arranging flowers.

She makes a poster.


Answer: d and f


She grabs a box, and makes a poster


D and F


same thing with the one above me

El servicio de correo postal entrega un paquete cuyas dimensiones son 6 por 6 por 11 pulgadas. En una nota indica que en el interior contiene una pirámide cuadrada en cristal con la misma base y altura de la caja. ¿Cuál es el volumen de la pirámide?


La opción correcta es B, 132 pulgadas cúbicas.

Dado que el servicio de correo postal entrega un paquete cuyas dimensiones son 6 por 6 por 11 pulgadas, y en una nota indica que en el interior contiene una pirámide cuadrada en cristal con la misma base y altura de la caja, para determinar cuál es el volumen de la pirámide se debe realizar el siguiente cálculo:

-sabiendo que el volumen de una pirámide surge de multiplicar la altura de la misma por un tercio del área de su base, se debe operar de la siguiente manera:

(1/3 x (6 x 6)) x 11 = X(1/3 x 36) x 11 = X12 x 11 = X132 = X

Por lo tanto, el volumen de la pirámide es de 132 pulgadas cúbicas.

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explain three possible feelings or thought that a person who has been subjected to violent crime may have



1. Hatred

2. The need for revenge

3. Sadness


anger, regret, defeat. hope this helps


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Underline the line that best illustrates how the death of Curly impacted Buck. Explain.


do you have a picture?

"the source of information about foreign employment is very important " . justify with your own example


I’m going back to the gym to pick
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please, solve for x! What is Topographya.Direction a top spinsb.The bottom of the oceanc.Direction of water flowd.Shape of the land What did Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) say was the only way to end suffering in thisworld?A.Become wealthy so you can buy many books and study them.B.Only God can free your soul,C.Learn more about people.D.Eliminate desires. How did early Dutch settlements compare with other European colonial efforts? would the doomslayer simp for the helltaker girls or do they count as evil demons? Good science requires that you record your observations accurately.TrueFalse please help me with this quickly I need help , Help me please . Joan joined her school's band. She bought a viola for $72.21, and a song bookwhich was $7.25 with a $100 bill. How much change was Joan given? Who was Francisco Franco? The midpoint of a segment can be found using the formulas for a directed line segment, x = (x2 x1) + x1 and y = (y2 y1) + y1. When using these formulas to find a midpoint, which is true? Find a quadratic function that includes the set of values below.(0,7), (2,17), (3,16)The equation of the parabola is (a)537Given that -+-+-=0, express a in terms of b and c.a b cAr (9 - s)Make q the subject of the formula p:a(b) What an RRD in computer? what is 342 m/s in kilometers per hour? aaaaaaaSAARC full form what is cos 0 when sin 0 = 2/5 Find the equation of the circle(x + 2)2 + (y + 5)2 = 4tvewhen it is reflected about y = 2x + 1. Simplify:6 - 2 =14 14 Write the appropriate form of the possessive adjective indicated in the parenthesesMi-Mis Tu-Tus Su-Sus Nuestro/a-Nuestros/as ____ (our) familia es grande.