If a motor or transformer has a low-frequency hum, what can be done to reduce/ eliminate the noise?


Answer 1
no because has a power and it still with noise

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Explain how metal is produced and turned into a product e.g. bed



the metal is mined from mines and melted to make objects

Ayuda porfavor......




Oh no this is a hard question

The ratio of boys to girls in the class was 2 to 3. If there were 18 girls in the class, how many students were in the class


37 students in the class
18 Girls and 19 Boys

during a load test, a battery's voltage drops below a specific value. what action should the technician take?

A. Recharge and retest.
B. Allow battery to become fully discharged and retest.
C. immediately replace
D. None if above





allow battery to become fully discharged and retest

When fully charged, a normal 12-volt automotive battery will have about 12.6 volts. The voltage just needs to fall to about 10.5 volts to be deemed fully discharged. The battery will suffer harm owing to severe sulfation if it falls below that level. Thus, option B is correct.

What battery's voltage drops below a specific value?

Changes in Voltage Occur During Discharge, The voltage of each cell is approximately 2.5 to 2.7 volts before the charging circuit is opened at the conclusion of a charge. The voltage of the cell rapidly reduces to roughly 2.1 volts within three or four minutes of the charging circuit being opened.

The voltage across the battery terminals decreases if a load is connected across the battery. The battery's internal resistance is to blame for this voltage drop. By measuring the open-circuit voltage and the voltage across the battery's terminals when a load is connected, we can determine the internal resistance.

Therefore, allow battery to become fully discharged and retest should the technician take.

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LIST the differences between softwood and hardwood



Hardwood is usually denser than softwood.

Softwood is cheaper than hardwood.

Hardwood has good fire resistance while softwood has poor fire resistance.

Softwood is lighter than hardwood.



Student A says hazardous waste can take the form of solid, liquid, or gas. Student B says hazardous waste can only take the form of a solid. Who is correct?

Group of answer choices

Both A and B

Neither A nor B

Student A

Student B



Student A


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What is the equation for area



l×b is the equation of area

What efc number will enable a student to receive the full amount of a pall grant


[tex]\tt \ huge \orange{ oh }[/tex]

Which of these does OSHA require employers to construct and install to minimize electrocution hazards?



OSHA requires that the exposed and operating elements of an electrical installation, lighting, equipment, motors, machines, appliances, switches, controls, and enclosures must be constructed and installed so as to minimize workplace electrocution hazards.

guyss I seriously and urgently need help what are the steps to build a headgear ??​



Design. Modern headframes are built out of steel, concrete or a combination of both. Timber headframes are no longer used in industrialized countries, but are still used in developing nations

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The first vertical shafts had a rectangular cross section and were lined with wood. The first Headgears were also made of wood, but as shaft depths and skip payloads increased, steel became the material of choice for building a Headgear.

Which event is an example of science helping engineering?
A. Knowledge of local geology helps in the design of a dam for a
B. A new type of telescope helps people learn new facts about
C. A new type of computer makes weather forecasts more accurate.
D. Satellite imaging allows people to map the extent of forest fires.


A, because the Geology is helping the engineers design a dam.

An event that is an example of science helping to engineer is  Knowledge of local geology helps in the design of a dam for a reservoir. Thus the correct option is A.

What is Science?

Science is the systematic, evidence-based scientific investigation and implementation of knowledge and perception of the natural and social world which provides information about various things to an individual.

Combining math and science to tackle issues usually defines the functions of engineering.  Engineers are the ones who translate advances in science into practical applications. 

The individual who studies Science is referred to as a Scientist whereas those studies about engineering are referred to as Engineers.

When the design of a dam for a reservoir is created Science helps engineering by providing information and knowledge about Local Geology to help them.

Therefore, option A is appropriate.

Learn more about Science, here:



To properly dispose of oily rags they must be



tp put them in a oil safe container. or throw away


oil can't be dispose


please mark brainleast

2. An AC current of

is large enough to cause muscle contractions.

a.12 mA

b.35 mA

с.5 mA

d.100 mA



100 mA (1 A) because a current between 1 A - 4.3 A causes muscle contractions

Describe each occupation

Carpenter, Logging, Shipwrights, Wood Machinist, Furniture finishers



Carpenter — A carpenter is someone who works with wood. They build houses and make cabinets etc.

Logging —  Loggers are people who cut trees. They use strong chain saws to cut trees.

Shipwrights — Shipwrights build, design, and repair all sizes of boats.

Wood Machinist — Wood Machinists repair and cut timber or any kind of wood for construction projects. They also operate woodworking machines, as their name suggest.

Furniture finishers —  Furniture finishers shape, decorate, and restore damaged and worn out furniture.

the need of families and suitability for the local____ have contributed to the structural styles of homes





the environment has different resources

what is the optimal temperature for recharging a battery?

A. 50°F to 60°F
B. 60°F to 70°F
C. 70°F to 80°F
D 80°F to 90°F​



I think it's A

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Employees are working within an excavation that is more than 4 foot deep and cannot safely exit the site. What is a hazard that needs to be addressed in this situation?
Select the best option.


Oxygen Deficiency and Toxic Fumes

Water Accumulation


The answer is Access/egress because the victim can get oxygen from the top and water from the other workers.

A hazard that needs to be addressed in the given situation is Access/Egress. Option A is correct.

What is the significance of Access and Egress?

When handling a security or emergency scenario, access and egress points are crucial. It is crucial to have rapid access to and exit from the building in case of an emergency.

Planning entrance and egress locations should be done while creating evacuation routes. A safe escape that people can use in an emergency is called emergency egress. In an emergency circumstance like a fire, emergency access and escape are crucial.

In the given case, Employees are working within an excavation that is more than 4 foot deep and cannot safely exit the site, this is clearly deined that the Access/Egress is a hazard that must be dealt.

Therefore, option A is correct.

Learn more about the hazard, refer to:



Identify the career that matches the description.

Installs glass in windows:

Makes sure buildings follow regulations:

Uses large construction equipment, such as bulldozers:

Directs and oversees large construction projects:

Performs physical work such as lifting and digging:

Answers are: Glazier, Construction Inspector, Operating Engineer, Construction Manager, and Construction Laborer



1. Glazier

2. Construction Inspector

3. Operating Engineer (Bulldozer operator)

4. Construction Manager

5. Construction Laborer

Identifying  the career that matches the description are

Installs glass in windows: Glazier

Makes sure buildings follow regulations: Construction Inspector

Uses large construction equipment, such as bulldozers:  Operating Engineer

Directs and oversees large construction projects: Construction Manager

Performs physical work such as lifting and digging: Construction Laborer

What is a Career?

A career is referred to what an individual chooses as a profession to earn something. A career of an individual is based on his talents, skills, and abilities which help him to seek growth and development and achive the goals of life.

A construction manager refers to an individual who manages and controls the functioning of construction sites in order to complete projects timely.

A construction inspector is responsible for examining whether the guidelines and regulations while performing construction activities are met.

Construction labor is said to be an individual who performs work that requires hard work like lifting and digging materials used in construction.

Learn more about Career, here:



e) What are the major jobs of a nurse?



the major jobs of a nurse are

1.to take care of patients

2.to give medicine to patients in time

3.to help doctors in operation time

5. If you use pipe in a footing drain, there should be surface clean-out(s) located
O A. right next to the house.
O B. every 50 ft.
O C. every 100 ft
O D. near the discharge point,



b because if u got the sewer and septic system

22. The word biodegradable on a label doesn't necessarily mean a product is environmentally safe.
A) O True
B) O False


That would be A( O True

How do you make all of the dilldings



I guess you are asking how do you make all the buildings.


we make it by using cement, brick and others.

batteries are used to power radios, watches, and cell phones,
A) Dry-cell
B) 9-volt
CO Duracell
D) Button



dry cell.......,..


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