Jackson is having a birthday party and has $60 to spend. it costs $40 to buy decorations and he wants to buy pizza for each of his friends. if each slice of pizza cost $1.75, how many friends can he invite to his party? Write and solve and inequality to represent the situation


Answer 1
I believe it would be 40+1.75x is less than or equal to 60. The answer would be 11 or about 11 but it can’t be 12 it’s over 20.
Answer 2



Step-by-step explanation:

Jackson has 60$, and he spends 40$ on decal, that leaves him 20 dollars. And if each slice of pizza costs 1.75, you would divide 20$ by 1.75$.

1.75/20 = 11.4...

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Given: PK and PE tangents
m∠KPE = 60°,
2KP = PE + 1
Find: EK



EK = 1.

Step-by-step explanation:

Here we have KP = PE (tangents from outside the circle)

Therefore, 2KP = PE + 1 = KP + 1

Hence, 2KP - KP = 1 or KP = 1 = PE

Since KE is the base of triangle KPE, where  ∡ KPE = 60, and KP = PE, we have an isosceles triangle such that ∡PKE = ∡PEK

Hence, in ΔKPE, ∡KPE + ∡PKE + ∡PEK  = 180

Therefore, 60° + ∡PKE + ∡PEK  = 180

Hence, ∡PKE + ∡PEK  = 180° - 60° = 120°

Because ∡PKE = ∡PEK, (base angles of isosceles triangle), we have;

∡PKE + ∡PEK = 2·∡PEK = 120° which gives

∡PEK = 60° = ∡PKE

Therefore, ∡KPE = ∡PEK = ∡PKE = 60°

Hence, ΔKPE is an equilateral triangle and KP = PE = EK = 1

EK = 1.

How many outcomes are in the sample space of flipping a coin in spinning a spinner with sections labeled 1-4



8 outcomes

Step-by-step explanation:

A coin has two possible outcomes: heads or tails.

The spinner has four possible outcomes: 1, 2, 3 or 4.

If we combine then, the number of outcomes will be the product of their number of outcomes:

2 * 4 = 8

So we will have a total of 8 outcomes:

heads, 1 / heads, 2 / heads, 3 / heads, 4 /

tails, 1 / tails, 2 / tails, 3 / tails, 4

Can i get some help ‍♂️




Step-by-step explanation:

Use the Law of Sines as follows:

[tex]\frac{sinA}{a} =\frac{sinB}{b}[/tex]

Insert the values (use the steps from the last problem):

[tex]\frac{sin25}{14} =\frac{sin24}{b}[/tex]

Isolate b. Multiply both sides by b:

[tex]b*(\frac{sin25}{14} )=b*(\frac{sin24}{b})\\\\b*\frac{sin25}{14}=sin24[/tex]

Multiply both sides by 14:


Isolate b. Divide both sides by sin 25:

[tex]\frac{b*sin25}{sin25} =\frac{14*sin24}{ysin25} \\\\b=\frac{14*sin24}{sin25}[/tex]

Insert the equation into a calculator and round to the nearest tenth:


The length of AC is 13.5 units.


Find the volume of the cone




Step-by-step explanation:

Volume of the cone is πr^2 * h / 3

r = 3

h = 4

9π * 4 / 3 = 12π

Answer: 37.6991118

Step-by-step explanation:

Lee watches tv for 4 hours per day. During that time , the tv consumes 200 watts per hour. electricity costs (15 cents)/( 1 kilowatt-hour). How much does lee’s tv cost to operate for a month of 30 days?


Answer: $3.6

Step-by-step explanation:

Hi, to answer this question, first we have to calculate watt hours per day:

200 wph x 4 hours = 800 watt hours

Now, we have to convert the watt-hours to kilowatt hours:

800 wh /1000 =0.8 kwh

Since he watches TV 30 days per month:

0.8 kw x 30 days = 24 kwh

Finally we have to multiply that result by the price per kilowatt hour (15 cents)

24 kwh x 15 cents = 360 cents

Converting to dollars:

360/ 100 = $3.6

Lee’s TV cost 3.6 dollars to operate for a month of 30 days

Factor this expression.
O A. 4(x-4)
OB. 4(x-6)
O C. 4(x-3)
O D. 4(x-8)​



C. 4(x-3)

Step-by-step explanation:

Jack ran 13.5 miles in 1.5 hours. What was his speed in miles per minute?




Step-by-step explanation:

13.5 / 1.5 = 9


[tex] \boxed{Speed = 0.15 \: miles \: per \: minute} [/tex]


Distance travelled = 13.5 miles

Time taken = 1.5 hours = 1.5 × 60 = 90 minutes

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]Speed = \frac{Distance \: travelled}{Time \: taken} \\ \\ \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: = \frac{13.5}{90} \\ \\ \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: \: = 0.15 \: miles \: per \: minute[/tex]

Choose the function whose graph is given below.
Y = csc x
Y= tan x
Y= sec x
Y = cot x


The given graph shown in the image is of function y = cotx. Option D is correct.

Given that,
To determine the function whose curve is plotted in the graph.

What is a graph?

The graph is a demonstration of curves that gives the relationship between the x and y-axis.

What are trigonometric equations?

These are the equation that contains trigonometric operators such as sin, cos.. etc.. In algebraic operation.

Since the given graph is of cots because only cotx tends to infinity whenever x tends nπ where n is an integer on the number line.

Thus, the given graph shown in the image is y = cotx. Option D is correct.

Learn more about graphs here:



If you take out a loan that costs $561 60 over eight years at an interest rate of 9% how much was the loan for?



The loan was $28184.81

Step-by-step explanation:

Let the loan amount be x

Rate of interest on Loan = 9%

Time = 8 years

Amount of loan over 8 years = $56160

Formula : [tex]A=P(1+r)^t[/tex]

Where A = Amount =56160

P = Principal = x

r = rate of interest = 9% = 0.09

t = time = 8 years

Substitute the values in the formula :




Hence The loan was $28184.81

Of all 25 marbles in a bag, 3 of the marbles are white. What is the probability that a white marble will be randomly selected from the bag without looking? Write your answer as a percent.


Step-by-step explanation:

Total marbles = 25

Probability of white marble = 3/ 25 = 0.12

Two number cubes each have sides that are labeled 1 to 6. Jude rolls the 2 number cubes. What is the probability that the sum of the numbers on
cubes will equal 4?​


Answer: 3

This is the answer if you think its wrong i don't know its correct i got it right

factorise 15x- 10x^3



5x (3-2x^2)

Step-by-step explanation:

so all you have to do is 15x-10x=5x right?, then all you have to do is 15/5=3. 10x/5x=2x. then subtract 1 from the exponents. then you get the answer. okay Im sure about the fist part and the divison but not the exponents, I did use a calculator to check it though.

The factorize equation is, [tex]\rm 5x (\sqrt{3} - \sqrt{2}x) (\sqrt{3}+\sqrt{2}x}) = 0[/tex].

The roots of the equation are [tex]0 , \ \dfrac{\sqrt{3}}{\sqrt{2} }, \dfrac{-\sqrt{3}}{\sqrt{2} }[/tex].

Given that,

Equation; [tex]\rm 15x - 10x^3[/tex]

We have to determine,

Factorize the equation and factor of the equation.

According to the question,

To factorize the equation and determine the factor of the equation following all the steps given below.

Equation; [tex]\rm 15x - 10x^3[/tex]

Step1; Taking the term 5x common from the equation,

                   [tex]\rm = 15x - 10x^3 = 0 \\\\= 5x (3-2x^2) = 0[/tex]

Step2; Simplify the equation,

                   [tex]\rm = 5x (3-2x^2) = 0\\\\ = 5x (\sqrt{3} - \sqrt{2x}) (\sqrt{3}+\sqrt{2x}) = 0[/tex]

Step3; The roots of the equation are,

                    [tex]\rm = 5x (\sqrt{3} - \sqrt{2}x) (\sqrt{3}+\sqrt{2}x}) = 0\\\\ The \ roots \ of \ the \ equation \ are;\\\\5x = 0, \ x = \dfrac{0}{5}, \ x =0\\\\\\[/tex]

                    [tex]\sqrt{3} - \sqrt{2x} = 0, \sqrt{2}x = \sqrt{3}, \ x = \dfrac{\sqrt{3} }{\sqrt{2} }\\\\ \sqrt{3} +\sqrt{2x} = 0, \sqrt{2}x = -\sqrt{3}, \ x =- \dfrac{\sqrt{3} }{\sqrt{2} }[/tex]

Hence, The roots of the equation are [tex]0 , \ \dfrac{\sqrt{3}}{\sqrt{2} }, \dfrac{-\sqrt{3}}{\sqrt{2} }[/tex].

For more details refer to the link given below.


Find m∠ABD and m∠CBD given m∠ABC = 111∘
The Equations are (-10x+58)∘ and (6x+41∘)
Write and Solve an equation






Step-by-step explanation:

We know that <ABC is made up of 2 angles: <ABD and <CBD.

We also know that the m<ABC is 111.

Therefore, <ABD and <CBD added together must equal 111.

<ABD+ <CBD =111

We know that <ABD is -10x+58 and <CBD is 6x+41, so we can substitute these in.


Combine like terms



Now we need to solve for x. First, move all the constants to the same side. Subtract 99 from both sides, since 99 is being added to -4x.



Next, divide both sides by -4, since -4 and x are being multiplied.



Now we know x, and can substitute it in to find the angle measures.











[tex]m \angle ABD = 88^{\circ}\\m \angle CBD = 23^{\circ}[/tex]


m∠ABC = 111∘

m∠ABD = (-10x+58)∘

m∠CBD = (6x+41)∘

First, find the value of x by creating an equation


[tex]m\angle ABD + m \angle CBD = m \angle ABC[/tex] (angle addition postulate)


[tex](-10x+58) + (6x+41) = 111[/tex]

Solve for x

[tex]-10x+58 + 6x+41 = 111[/tex]]

Add like terms

[tex]-10x+58 + 6x+41 = 111\\-4x + 99 = 111\\-4x = 111 - 99\\-4x = 12\\[/tex]

Divide both sides by -4

[tex]x = -3[/tex]

Find m∠ABD and m∠CBD by plugging in the value of x

[tex]m\angle ABD = -10x + 58 \\m\angle ABD = -10(-3) + 58 \\m\angle ABD = 88^{\circ}[/tex]

[tex]m \angle CBD = 6x + 41\\m \angle CBD = 6(-3) + 41\\m \angle CBD = 23^{\circ}\\[/tex]


[tex]m \angle ABD = 88^{\circ}\\m \angle CBD = 23^{\circ}[/tex]

Learn more here:


Order the steps to solve the equation
log(x2 - 15) = log(2x) form 1 to 5.
x² - 2x - 15=0
Potential solutions are -3 and 5
x² - 15 = 2x
x - 5 = 0 or x + 3 = 0
(x - 5)(x + 3) = 0



Attention for the conditions:

[tex]x^{2} -15>0\\2x>0\\so\\x>0[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

we have

[tex]log(x^{2}-15)= log(2x)\\\\x^{2} -15 = 2x\\\\x^{2} -5x+ 3x-15=0\\ (x^{2}-5x)+(3x-15)=0\\ x(x-5)+3(x-5)=0\\(x-5)(x+3)=0\\x-5=0, x=5 \\\\x+3=0, x= -3[/tex]

So the solutions are 5 because x>0

How many pops of kernel come in a bag of popcorn?

Please choose one of the following answers below





Step-by-step explanation:

I don't think they're give you 70 or 100,000 kernels so either 120 or 200. But if I had to choose one, it'd be 120 kernels.

I Point
Which of the following shows the polynomial below written in descending order?
4x^3 + 3x^7 - 9x + x^12


The polynomial in descending order would be:

x^12 + 3x^7 + 4x^3-9x.

It all has to do with their degrees (exponents).

I don't know what the answer choices are because you didn't post them, but that is the answer.

I hope this helps.

Solve the inequality for X.
-3x - 3 <-63
x > 20
x > 22
x < 20
x < 22


I'll teach you how to solve -3x - 3 <-63


-3x - 3 <-63

Add 3 to both sides:

-3x-3+3 < -63+ 3


-3x < -60

Multiply both sides by -1:

(reverse the inequality)

(-3x)(-1) > (-60)(-1)


3x > 60

Divide both sides by 3:

3x/3 > 60/3


x > 20

Your Answer Is x > 20

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i think it’s x > 20 i hope this helps , have a good day !!

If you have a cube with a side length of ¼, how many cubes can fit into your rectangular prism? Explain.



Step-by-step explanation:

No of cubes that can fit into rectangular prism =   Volume of rectangular prism

                                                                                   Volume of cube

Find the volume of rectangular prism and divide that by the volume of cube

Which of the following is true about the bird population? Please!!!




Step-by-step explanation:

if something is multiplied by 1.025 it is increasing by 2.5 percent


D , 2.5%

Step-by-step explanation:

1.025 - x = 1; x = .025; as a percent = .025 * 100 = 2.5%.

Find the value of the variable. If the answer is not a whole number, round to the nearest tenth.
The image is of a circle with two secant segments which intersect outside the circle. Inside and outside length of first one are marked as x and 5 respectively. Inside and outside length of second one are marked as 10 and 4 respectively.

A. 9
B. 8
C. 6.2
D. 22.5




Step-by-step explanation:

Two secants drawn to a circle from a common external point, then

The product of the external part and the entire part of one secant is equal to the product of the external part and the entire part of the other secant, that is

5(5 + x) = 4(4 + 10) = 4 × 14 = 56

25 + 5x = 56 ( subtract 25 from both sides )

5x = 31 ( divide both sides by 5 )

x = 6.2 → C

What is P(Foreign Language | Sport)?



23/33 x 10/33 = 21/100

Probability of A and B (independent events): p(A and B) = p(A) * p(B).

P(Foreign language | Sport) would mean P for probability

We use P in questions

and P in answer format.

We Know that F Union S F Union Sport = All in A + B and both = 47

The probability in both means you need to subtract the middle values as they are in both and repeated. It also becomes a special  

Union. The union of two or more sets is the set that contains all the elements of each of the sets; an element is in the union if it belongs to at least one of the sets. The symbol for union is ∪ , and is associated with the word “or”, because A∪B A ∪ B is the set of all elements that are in A or B (or both.)

1. Use substitution to create a one-variable linear equation: -3= 4x - 5.
2. Solve to determine the value of the unknown variable.
3. Write the solution to the system of equations as an ordered pair.
The solution to the system is (
3 of 15​



x = 1/2

Step-by-step explanation:

-3= 4x - 5 becomes 5 - 3 = 4x when 5 is added to both sides.  Then:

2 = 4x, and x = 2/4, or x = 1/2.

The solution of the linear equation -3= 4x - 5 is x = 1/2.

What is linear equation?

Equations whose variables have a power of one are called linear equations. One example with one variable is where ax+b = 0, where a and b are real values and x is the variable.


An equation: -3 = 4x - 5.


by using substitution,

4x - 2 = 0

This is a one variable linear equation. Where x is a variable.

In order to solve the equation:


4x  = 2

x = 1/2

Therefore, the solution of the equation is 1/2.

To learn more about the linear equation;



3~ Please help. What is m∠BED?
Enter your answer as a number, like this: 42




Step-by-step explanation:

There is the same opposite arch for both angles so they should be equal.

Hope this is helpful!

can you plz help me i really appreciate it​


2 gallons of ice cream is $3.98.
2 dozen ears of corn is $4.
4 + 3.98 = 7.98
30 - 7.98 = 22.02
Vicky had $22.02 left.

Which set of sides will NOT make a triangle?
11 cm, 13 cm, 3 cm
2cm, 3cm, 4cm
12 cm, 7 cm, 5 cm
19 cm, 14 cm, 7 cm


Step-by-step explanation:

let 3 sides be a b c

a-b<c<a+b (always)

we have 7+5 =12 (contradict the above property)

-> 12,7,5 will not make a triangle

In a right triangle, sin (40 – x)° = cos (3x).What is the value of x?



Value of x = 25

Step-by-Step Explanation:

~ Knowing that, in a right triangle ~

sin(40-x)=cos(3x) ⇒

sin(40-x)=sin(90-3x) ⇒

40 - x = 90 - 3x ⇒

40 - x  +3x=90 - 3x  +3x =>

40+2x=90 =>

2x=50 =>

x = 25

Now it is proven to be that,

x = 25

Solve 1/4 + 3/5 - 3/10



it will be equal to 11/20



Step-by-step explanation:

= (5+12-6)/20

= 11/20

How many different size triangles can be drawn with angle measures 90°, 45°, and 45°?

A. No triangles
B. Exactly one triangle
C. Exactly two triangles
D. Any number of triangles



Step-by-step explanation:

I believe is D because you actually change the measure of two angles as long as the sum of them are 90.

Find the value of x and. Will mark brainliest.





Step-by-step explanation:

You can start by finding the value of x. Since opposite angles in a parallelogram are equal, 11x=55 and x=5. Since adjacent angles are supplementary, 5y+55=180, 5y=125 and y=25. Hope this helps!

Combine the Expression: (2a + 8) + (4a + 5)



6a   +13

Step-by-step explanation:

(2a + 8) + (4a + 5)

Combine like terms

2a+4a   +8+5

6a   +13


6a + 13

Step-by-step explanation:

1. simplify

(2a + 8) + (4a + 5)

2. Reorder the terms

(8 + 2a) + (4a + 5)

3. Remove parentheses

8 + 2a + 4a + 5

4. Combine like terms

8 + 5 = 13

2a + 4a = 6a

So, 6a + 13 is your answer.

Other Questions
Aiden tells Harry that, The heart of Bergmans would still be intact. All Priya is proposing here really is taking the idea of self-checkout a couple steps further Based on this statement, Aiden most likely believes automation represents ______ change. Which of the following is the least commonly used type of attention getter?A. AnecdoteB. QuotationC. QuestionD. Definition20 point to brainliest A police officer recorded the speeds of 100 cars in a 50-mile-per-hour zone. The results arein the box plot shown. How many cars were going between 40 and 48 miles per hour? A researcher attempts to use a segment of ribosomal RNA as a molecular clock to calculate the date of the last common ancestor of two species. He finds that the two species diverged from a common ancestor 150 million years ago. These particular species have abundant fossil records that strongly suggest that these species diverged 100 million years ago. Which of the following answer choices best describes a reason for the discrepancy in the date of the last common ancestor of these species?A. Ribosomal RNA is not a reliable molecular clock and should not be used for dating.B. The neutral mutation rate used in calculating the last common ancestor date may not have been accurate.C. It is highly likely that the two organisms did not share a common ancestor, so the results are invalid.D. A large portion of the ribosomal RNA is not vital to survival, so it is not likely to be well preserved. Can you please help with think im pointing on please is so hard i will give you a Brainiest Which quotation from Paragraph 4 helps shape the central idea of the passage? Well, considering that they have the article itself in such an attractive aspect, they ought to manage to get along without the word. No word describes it so felicitously as that one. I have observed that Frenchmen abroad seldom wholly give up the idea of going back to France some time or other. They say there is no word for home in the French language. The ability to do work or cause change is calledenergyO forceO powerOwork Name three mechanisms for wealth building in America.Name three corresponding American policies that have preventedAmericans from accessing these mechanisms (and indicate which American populations have been the most impacted) Explain how each of these three policies have continued to impact theaforementioned communities (in the 21 st century). The table shows the number of cups of water required when cooking different amounts of rice.Amount ofRice(cups)Amount ofWater(cups)2537.5512.5820Which statements apply to the ratio of rice and water? Choose two options.The amount of rice is the dependent value.The amount of water is the dependent value.The amount of rice is the independent value.The amount of water is the independent value.The values cannot be labeled as dependent or independent without a given equation Which of the following does NOT describe the Northern United States in the mid 1800s?a.diverse job economyb.slave-dependentc.manufacturing economyd.pro-tariff A detailed breakdown of all work to be done on a construction project is a:World Breakdown Structure (WBS)Works outlineDeliverables listWork scope Napoleon sent 30,000 troops back to Mexico and crushed their government, putting in a new President Archduke Find the volume of a right circular cone that has a height of 9.6m and a base with a diameter of 2.9m. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a cubic meter. I need a step by step for this question because I am not understanding the second half.A coin is flipped 160 times. It landed on heads 82 times and tails 78 times. A different coin is flipped 250 times. It landed on heads 115 times and tails 135 times.What is the empirical probability of flipping a heads on the first coin AND flipping a heads on the second coin? critically examine the assertion that patriarchy is to be blamed for gender inequality in Ghana baseball card that was valued at $200 in 1980 has intreased in value by 7% each year. Write a function to model this situation, then find thevalue of the card in 2016. Help please I need a. and b. For number 2 HELP PLZHow did the Dred Scott decision affect the election in 1860?A: It gave rise to the Know-Nothing Party, which won the election.B: It gave rise to the Free Soil Party, which won the election.C: It strengthened the Democratic Party, which won the election.D: It strengthened the Republican Party, which won the election. Help please!PART A: How is La affected by her mothers leaving?AShe questions her importance to other people.BShe becomes distrustful of the people she counts on.CShe struggles to process her mothers sudden abandonment.DShe feels a greater sense of connection with her mother. You are given the following information about 2 accounts: Account 1 Time Account Value before transactions Deposit Withdrawal 0 100 0.25 110 X 0.75 120 3X 1 82 Account 2 Time Account Value before transactions Deposit Withdrawal 0 100 0.5 120 2X 1 140 You are also told that the dollar weighted return over the year on account 1 is i. If the time weighted return over the year on account 2 is also i, what are X and i