What efc number will enable a student to receive the full amount of a pall grant


Answer 1

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The ratio of boys to girls in the class was 2 to 3. If there were 18 girls in the class, how many students were in the class


37 students in the class
18 Girls and 19 Boys

during a load test, a battery's voltage drops below a specific value. what action should the technician take?

A. Recharge and retest.
B. Allow battery to become fully discharged and retest.
C. immediately replace
D. None if above





allow battery to become fully discharged and retest

When fully charged, a normal 12-volt automotive battery will have about 12.6 volts. The voltage just needs to fall to about 10.5 volts to be deemed fully discharged. The battery will suffer harm owing to severe sulfation if it falls below that level. Thus, option B is correct.

What battery's voltage drops below a specific value?

Changes in Voltage Occur During Discharge, The voltage of each cell is approximately 2.5 to 2.7 volts before the charging circuit is opened at the conclusion of a charge. The voltage of the cell rapidly reduces to roughly 2.1 volts within three or four minutes of the charging circuit being opened.

The voltage across the battery terminals decreases if a load is connected across the battery. The battery's internal resistance is to blame for this voltage drop. By measuring the open-circuit voltage and the voltage across the battery's terminals when a load is connected, we can determine the internal resistance.

Therefore, allow battery to become fully discharged and retest should the technician take.

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