Which event is an example of science helping engineering?
A. Knowledge of local geology helps in the design of a dam for a
B. A new type of telescope helps people learn new facts about
C. A new type of computer makes weather forecasts more accurate.
D. Satellite imaging allows people to map the extent of forest fires.


Answer 1
A, because the Geology is helping the engineers design a dam.
Answer 2

An event that is an example of science helping to engineer is  Knowledge of local geology helps in the design of a dam for a reservoir. Thus the correct option is A.

What is Science?

Science is the systematic, evidence-based scientific investigation and implementation of knowledge and perception of the natural and social world which provides information about various things to an individual.

Combining math and science to tackle issues usually defines the functions of engineering.  Engineers are the ones who translate advances in science into practical applications. 

The individual who studies Science is referred to as a Scientist whereas those studies about engineering are referred to as Engineers.

When the design of a dam for a reservoir is created Science helps engineering by providing information and knowledge about Local Geology to help them.

Therefore, option A is appropriate.

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