Which two factors affect the force between two masses, according to the universal law of gravitation? the masses of the objects the radii of the two objects the speed of the two objects the distance between the objects the weight of the two objects


Answer 1

Answer:1. The masses Of The objects 2.the distance between the objects


newton's law of universal gravitation states that the force of attraction between two masses is directly proportional to the product Of The masses, and inversely proportional to thermal square Of The distance between them.therefore we can conclude that the two factors affecting the force between masses are:(1)the masses of the objects (2)the distance between the objects

Answer 2

The two factors that affect the force between two masses, according to the universal law of gravitation are

the masses of the objectsthe distance between the objects

What is newton's Universal law of gravitation?

Newton's Universal law of gravitation states that the force of attraction that exists between particle or objects is directly proportion to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the distances between them .

Therefore, The two factors that affect the force between two masses, according to the universal law of gravitation are

the masses of the objects.the distance between the objects.

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A firearms company is testing a new model of rifle by firing a 7.50-g lead bullet into a block of wood having a mass of 17.5 kg. The bullet embeds into the block and the collision generates heat. As a consequence, the temperature rises by 0.040°C, as measured with a high-precision thermometer. Assuming that all the kinetic energy of the bullet goes into heating the system, what is the bullet’s speed when it enters the block? The initial temperatures of bullet and wooden block can be considered identical and the specific heats of lead and wood are cPb = 130 J/(kg ⋅ C°) and c wood = 1700 J/(kg ⋅ C°), respectively.




Let the bullets speed be V .

Kinetic energy = 1/2 mV² where m is mass of bullet

This energy is converted into heat Q which raises the temperature of target by Δ T .

Q = mc Δ T  , m is mass , c is specific heat and Δ T is rise in temperature .

heat absobed by bullet

= .0075 x 130 x .040

= .039 J

heat absorbed by block of wood

= 17.5 x 1700 x .04

= 1190 J

Total heat absorbed

= 1190.039 J

So kinetic energy = heat absobed

= 1/2 x .0075 x V² = 1190.039

V² = 317343.73

V  = 563.33 m /s

Which of these parameters is directly related to sound frequency?




Velocity is directly proportional to the frequency of a wave.

Velocity=frequency x wavelength

Photons of light scatter off molecules, and the distance you can see through a gas is proportional to the mean free path of photons through the gas. Photons are not gas molecules, so the mean free path of a photon is not equal to that of a molecule, but its dependence on the number density of the gas and on molecular radius is the same. Suppose you are in a smoggy city and can barely see buildings 500 m away.
(a) How far would you be able to see if all the molecules around you suddenly doubled in volume?
(b) How far would you be able to see if the temperature suddenly rose from 20◦C to a blazing hot 1500◦C with the pressure unchanged?



a) 315 m

b) 3025.6 m


The picture attached shows the full explanation for the problem.

Which term defines the distance from crest to crest



The horizontal distance between two adjacent crests or troughs is known as the wavelength.

Answer: Wavelength


From crest to crest, it is one full wavelength

a) When we were examining the Electromagnetic Tab, we saw that a flow of electrons or a current as we say it, creates a magnetic field. What about the converse, can a magnetic field be involved in the creation of a flow of electrons/current? Therefore is it reasonable to suggest that we can create a magnetic field by having a flow of current and this can be used to make more current? Explain how this can occur



Magnetic field can be used to produce current, infact a changing magnetic field can produce current.

A changing magnetic field in a loop causes the flux linked with the loop to change in turn generating a emf in the loop and therefore a current.

For a loop of area A and resistance R.

I =dPhi/dt/R

В. А

I = AcosФ/R .dB /dt

But it isn't reasonable to say that we can create a magnetic field by having a flow of current and this can be used to make more current because the current generated due to change in magnetic field created by increase/decrease in flow of current will be in a direction such that it will counter act the change in magnetic field caused by increase/decrease in current flow.(lenz's law).

We were unable to transcribe this image

Ф= В. А

I = Acos dB Rd

The uniform slender bar of mass m and length l is released from rest in the vertical position and pivots on its square end about the corner at O. (a) If the bar is observed to slip when   30 , find the coefficient of static friction s between the bar and the corner. (b)If the end of the bar is notched so that it cannot slip, find the angle  at which contact between the bar and the corner ceases.



A) 0.188

B) 53.1 ⁰


taking moment about 0

∑ Mo = Lo∝

mg 1/2 sin∅ = 1/3 m L^2∝

note ∝ = w[tex]\frac{dw}{d}[/tex]∅

forces acting along t-direction ( ASSUMED t direction)

∑ Ft = Ma(t) = mr∝

mg sin ∅ - F = m* 1/2 * 3g/2l sin∅

therefore F = mg/4 sin∅

forces acting along n - direction ( ASSUMED n direction)

∑ Fn = ma(n) = mr([tex]w^{2}[/tex])

= mg cos∅ - N = m*1/2*3g/1 ( 1 - cos∅ )

hence N = mg/2 ( 5cos∅ -3 )

A ) Angle given = 30⁰c find coefficient of static friction

∪ = F/N

  = [tex]\frac{\frac{mg}{4}sin30 }{\frac{mg}{2}(5cos30 -3) }[/tex]  = 0.188

B) when there is no slip

N = O

   = 5 cos ∅ -3 =0

   therefore cos ∅ = 3/5  hence ∅ = 53.1⁰

Under electrostatic conditions, the electric field just outside the surface of any charged conductor

A. is always zero because the electric field is zero inside conductors
B. can have non zero components perpendicular to and parallel to the surface of the conductor
C. is always perpendicular to the surface of the conductor
D. is always parallel to the surface
E. is perpendicular to the surface of the conductor only if it is a sphere, a cylinder, or a flat sheet.



C. is always perpendicular to the surface of the conductor


On a charged conductor , electric charge is uniformly distributed on its surface . The lines of forces are also uniformly  distributed on all directions . They repel each other so they emerge perpendicular to the surface so that they do nor cut each other and at the same time they remain at maximum distance from each other.

in the figure calculates the acceleration of the block friction not today



A fan pushes hot air out of a vent and into a room. The hot air displaces cold air in the room, causing the cold air to move closer to the floor.

The hot air displacing the cold air is an example of  transfer by


also the answer is hit my dm on ig

A small object begins a free-fall from a height of =81.5 m at 0=0 s . After τ=2.20 s , a second small object is launched vertically up from the ground with an initial velocity of 0=40.0 m/s . At what height from the ground will the two objects first meet?



33.2 m


For the first object:

y₀ = 81.5 m

v₀ = 0 m/s

a = -9.8 m/s²

t₀ = 0 s

y = y₀ + v₀ t + ½ at²

y = 81.5 − 4.9t²

For the second object:

y₀ = 0 m

v₀ = 40.0 m/s

a = -9.8 m/s²

t₀ = 2.20 s

y = y₀ + v₀ t + ½ at²

y = 40(t−2.2) − 4.9(t−2.2)²

When they meet:

81.5 − 4.9t² = 40(t−2.2) − 4.9(t−2.2)²

81.5 − 4.9t² = 40t − 88 − 4.9 (t² − 4.4t + 4.84)

81.5 − 4.9t² = 40t − 88 − 4.9t² + 21.56t − 23.716

81.5 = 61.56t − 111.716

193.216 = 61.56t

t = 3.139

The position at that time is:

y = 81.5 − 4.9(3.139)²

y = 33.2

Minority group

A shared identity based on

cultural elements such as

heritage, language, and



A socially constructed

group of people who share

physical characteristics

that are considered

significant by a society

and that are used to

distinguish them from

other groups

Majority group

People who are singled

out for unequal treatment

and who regard

themselves as objects of

collective discrimination


A group's subset that

consists of more than half

of the entire group's




Minority group - People who are singled  out for unequal treatment  and who regard  themselves as objects of  collective discrimination.

Ethnicity - A shared identity based on  cultural elements such as  heritage, language, and  religion.

Majority group - A group's subset that  consists of more than half  of the entire group's  members.

Race - A socially constructed  group of people who share  physical characteristics  that are considered  significant by a society  and that are used to  distinguish them from  other groups.


To better understand the above-mentioned definitions we would use some examples:

Elder people can be considered as a minority group in the United States because of their reduced status as a consequence of popular discrimination and prejudice against them. In contrast to them, young men consisting of more than half the population in the age category is an example of the majority group.

Groups of people like Hispanic Americans, Jews, Italian America, Irish are some examples of people belonging to different ethnic backgrounds residing in the U.S.

African Americans who are distinguished based on their skin color is an example of race.

Which of the following statements are true? a. Kinematics is the science that studies forces and motion of particles and bodies. b. Speed is a vector quantity. c. The units of velocity are length divided by time. d. The term deceleration is commonly used to describe a negative acceleration.



true. b, c and d


Let's review each statement separately  

a) False. The kinematics studies the position, speed and acceleration of the bodies, but not what causes these changes

b) True. Velocity is the displacement between time, displacement is a vector, and time is a scalar, so the division between them gives a vector

c) True. speed is the displacement that is a length between time, so its unit is length / time

d) true  desaceleration = - aceleration

The figure shows a crane whose weight is 12.5 kN and center of gravity in G. (a) If the crane needs to suspend the 2.5kN drum, determine the reactions on the wheel in A and B when the boom is in the position shown.(b) Considering the same situation illustrated, what is the value of the maximum weight that the crane can suspend without tipping over?



(a) Ra = 9.25 kN; Rb = 5.75 kN

(b) 26.7 kN


(a) Draw a free-body diagram of the crane.  There are four forces:

Reaction Ra pushing up at A,

Reaction Rb pushing up at B,

Weight force 12.5 kN pulling down at G,

and weight force 2.5 kN pulling down at F.

Sum of moments about B in the counterclockwise direction:

∑τ = Iα

-Ra (0.66 m + 0.42 m + 2.52 m) + 12.5 kN (2.52 m + 0.42 m) − 2.5 kN ((3.6 m + 0.9 m) cos 30° − 2.52 m) = 0

-Ra (3.6 m) + 12.5 kN (2.94 m) − 2.5 kN (1.38 m) = 0

Ra = 9.25 kN

Sum of moments about A in the counterclockwise direction:

∑τ = Iα

Rb (0.66 m + 0.42 m + 2.52 m) − 12.5 kN (0.66 m) − 2.5 kN ((3.6 m + 0.9 m) cos 30° + 0.66 m + 0.42 m) = 0

Rb (3.6 m) − 12.5 kN (0.66 m) − 2.5 kN (4.98 m) = 0

Rb = 5.75 kN

Alternatively, you can use sum of the forces in the y direction as your second equation.

∑F = ma

Ra + Rb − 12.5 kN − 2.5 kN = 0

Ra + Rb = 15 kN

9.25 kN + Rb = 15 kN

Rb = 5.75 kN

However, you must be careful.  If you make a mistake in the first equation, it will carry over to this equation.

(b) At the maximum weight, Ra = 0.

Sum of the moments about B in the counterclockwise direction:

∑τ = Iα

12.5 kN (2.52 m + 0.42 m) − F ((3.6 m + 0.9 m) cos 30° − 2.52 m) = 0

12.5 kN (2.94 m) − F (1.38 m) = 0

F = 26.7 kN

Which of the following is not true about of the use of MRI in medicine?
1) It produces no negative side-effects on the human body
2) It produces high resolution images of soft tissues
3) It is very cheap
4) It requires very strong magnetic fields



3) False. It is expensive since it requires sophisticated equipment and very low temperatures


Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging measurements consist of magnetic resonance imaging to analyze tissues by the transition of the unpaired electron at carbon 13, giving information on the structure and composition of tissues. This information is processed in computers and transformed into images.

So the physical measurement is the MRN

Now we can analyze the statements in the problem

1) True by itself a magnetic measurement is non-invasive

2) True. Measuring carbon transitions has information about the soft tissue of the body

3) False. It is expensive since it requires sophisticated equipment and very low temperatures

4) Right. The applied magnetic field is high to be able to induce carbon transaction

Q1. What is the frequency of rotation of 1000 loop coil of area 20cm2 in a magnetic field of 5T to

generate an emf that has a maximum value of 15.7V?​




Emf e generated in a coil with no of turn n and area A rotating in a magnetic field B  with angular speed of ω is given by the expression

e = e₀ sinωt

where e₀ = nωAB which is the maximum emf generated

Putting the given values

15.7 = 1000xω x 20 x 10⁻² x 5

ω = .0157

frequency of rotation

= ω / 2π

= .0157 / 2 x 3.14

= .0025 /s

9 rotation / hour .

Alan leaves Los Angeles at 8:00 A.M. to drive to San Francisco 400 mi away. He manages to travel at a steady 50 mph in spite of traffic. Beth leaves Los Angeles at 9:00 A.M. and surprisingly manages to also drive at a constant speed, in this case 60 mph. (Knight 2.1) a. Who gets to San Francisco first? (Beth) b. How long does the first to arrive have to wait for the second? (20 minutes)



a) Beth will reach before Alan

b)Beth has to wait 20 min for Alan to arrive


let 'd' be distance b/w Los Angeles and San  Francisco i.e 400 mi

considering ,

Alan's speed [tex]v_A[/tex]=50mph

Beth's speed [tex]v_B[/tex]=60mph

->For Alan:

The time required [tex]t_A[/tex]= d/[tex]v_A[/tex]= 400/50 => 8h

-> For beth:

The time required [tex]t_B=\frac{d}{v_B} =\frac{400}{60} =>6\frac{2}{3} h[/tex] => 6h 40m

Alan will reach at 8:00 a.m +8h = 4:00p.m.

Beth will reach at 9:00 a.m +6h 40m= 3:40p.m.

a) Beth will reach before Alan

b)Beth has to wait 20 min for Alan to arrive

A person jumps out a fourth-story window 14 m above a firefighter safety net. The survivor stretches the net 1.8 m before coming to rest. what was the deceleration experienced by the survivor? Use g = 9.8 m/s2 Calculate to one decimal.



The deceleration is  [tex]a = - 76.27 m/s^2[/tex]


From the question we are told that

   The height above  firefighter safety net is [tex]H = 14 \ m[/tex]

   The length by which the net is stretched is [tex]s = 1.8 \ m[/tex]


From the law of energy conservation

    [tex]KE_T + PE_T = KE_B + PE_B[/tex]

 Where [tex]KE_T[/tex] is the kinetic energy of the person before jumping which equal to zero(because to kinetic energy at maximum height )

   and  [tex]PE_T[/tex] is the potential energy of the before jumping  which is mathematically represented at

          [tex]PE_T = mg H[/tex]

and  [tex]KE_B[/tex] is the kinetic energy of the person just before landing on the safety net  which is mathematically represented at

        [tex]KE_B = \frac{1}{2} m v^2[/tex]

and  [tex]PE_B[/tex] is the potential energy of the person as he lands on the safety net which has a value of zero (because it is converted to kinetic energy )

   So the above equation becomes

          [tex]mgH = \frac{1}{2} m v^2[/tex]

=>           [tex]v = \sqrt{2 gH }[/tex]

    substituting values

                [tex]v = 16.57 m/s[/tex]

Applying the equation o motion

             [tex]v_f = v + 2 a s[/tex]

Now the final velocity is zero because the person comes to rest


         [tex]0 = 16.57 + 2 * a * 1.8[/tex]

            [tex]a = - \frac{16.57^2 }{2 * 1.8}[/tex]

            [tex]a = - 76.27 m/s^2[/tex]



As SCUBA divers go deeper underwater, the pressure from the weight of all the water above them increases tremendously which compresses the gases in their blood. What happens to the volume of gas in their blood as the diver rises quickly to the surface?



The volume of gas in an early diving bell full of air at sea level is halved at 10 m according to Boyle’s law


;at 20 m pressure is 300 kPa absolute and the gas is compressed into one third the volume.

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A cube, 1 m on each edge, is held 0.75 m below the surface of a pool of water by a rope. The mass of the cube is 700 kg, and the weight distribution is such that one face remains parallel to the surface of the water. a. Find the tension in the rope. b. Assuming the rope is cut, how far will the cube protrude from the water




The mass of cube = 700 kg

volume = 1 m³

density = 700 kg / m²

Its density is less than that of water so it will try to float on the surface .

Tension in rope will be equal to net upward force

upthrust = volume x density of water x g

= 1 x 10³ x 9.8

= 9800 N

weight of cube = mass x g

= 700 x 9.8

= 6860 N .

Net upward force = 9800 - 6860

= 2940 N.

Tension in the rope = 2940 N.

Rope will hold the cube inside and not allow it to go outside water .

b )

If rope is cut , cube being lighter , will float on surface of water .

Part of cube inside water while floating

= 6860 / 9800

= .7

.7 m will remain inside water

part floating outside

= 1 - 0.7

= 0.3 m .

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The answer is diffraction



The answer is diffraction


I did the test! HOPE THIS HELPS!

(10 points) A spring with a 7-kg mass and a damping constant 12 can be held stretched 1 meters beyond its natural length by a force of 4 newtons. Suppose the spring is stretched 2 meters beyond its natural length and then released with zero velocity. In the notation of the text, what is the value c2−4mk? m2kg2/sec2 Find the position of the mass, in meters, after t seconds. Your answer should be a function of the variable t of the form c1eαt+c2eβt where α= (the larger of the two) β=




Electric motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. When the current-carrying coil is placed between the magnetic poles, a force acts on it that causes it to rotate. The image below shows a simple electric motor. The motor is used to lift metal boxes. How can the motor be changed to be able to lift a heavier box? A. rotate the coil in a counter-clockwise direction B. add more loops of wire between the magnets C. change the polarity of the magnet D. decrease the size of the magnets



B. add more loops of wire between the magnets


this would increase the magnetic force acting on the rod therefore increasing

By adding more loops of wire between the magnets the motor is changed to be able to lift a heavier box.

What is an electric motor?

An electric motor is a mechanism that turns electricity into mechanical energy.

The interaction between the motor's magnetic field and electric current in a wire winding generates force in the form of torque imparted to the motor's shaft in most electric motors.

An electric generator is physically equivalent to an electric motor, but it converts mechanical energy into electrical energy using a reversed flow of power.

The load capacity in the motor can be increased by increasing the no of loops. So by adding more loops of wire between the magnets the motor is changed to be able to lift a heavier box.

Hence option B is correct.

To learn more about the electric motor refer to the link;


Which gas is the most abundant greenhouse gas?
carbon dioxide
water vapor


Carbon dioxide is the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.



Carbon dioxide is the most abundance greenhouse gas in The atmosphere.

Dogs keep themselves cool by panting, rapidly breathing air in and out. Panting results in evaporation from moist tissues of the airway and lungs, which cools the animal. Measurements show that, on a 35∘C day with a relative humidity of 50%, a 12 kg dog loses 1.0 g of water per minute if it is panting vigorously. What rate of heat loss, in watts, does this achieve?


The rate of heat loss, in watts, does this achieve is 37.66 W


It leads in cooling since water absorbs heat equivalent to mass times latent heat of evaporation to get converted into vapor .


latent heat of evaporation of water = 2260 x 10³ J / kg or 2260 J / g


in the evaporation of 1 g of water , heat lost = 2260 J


heat lost per minute = 2260 J


heat lost per second = 2260 / 60

= 37.66 J /s

= 37.66 W

Learn more about heat here: https://brainly.com/question/9636950

Materials that allow electricity to pass through them are called ?



Materials that allow electricity to pass through them are called conductors.

Copper wire is a good conductor. Materials that do not allow electricity to pass through them are called insulators.


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The throwing back by a wall or barrier of a sound wave without absorbing
it. *
1 point




The throwing back of a sound wave without absorbing it is called reflection

In acoustic reflection of sound is termed as echo i.e. sound arrived at the listener after a particular delay depending upon the position of barrier to the observer.

The reflection of sound is used in many devices like megaphone, trumpets, etc. It is also used in auditorium such that the ceiling of the auditorium is curved for multiple reflections of sound so that sound can be reached at every corner of the auditorium.

Geologists have divided rocks into three different categories based on ______


How they are formed

A disk with a rotational inertia of 2.5 kg-m2 and a radius 1.1 m rotates on a frictionless fixed axis perpendicular to the disk faces and through its center. A force of 7.7 N is applied tangentially to the rim. The angular acceleration of the disk is _____ rad/s2. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.



3.4 rad/sec^2


rotational inertia = 2.5 kg-m^2   radius = 1.1 m   force = 7.7 N

t = rotational inertia * angular acceleration    equation 1

also t = force * radius

therefore to calculate angular acceleration equation 1 becomes

f * r = inertia * angular acceleration   hence

angular acceleration = f * r / inertia = [tex]\frac{7.7 * 1.1 }{2.5}[/tex]   8.47 / 2.5 = 3.388 ≈ 3.4 rad/sec^2

The voltage in a circuit is given by the equation V= IR.in this equation v is the voltage Iis correct and R is the resistance which answer shows this equation solved for current?





Divide both sides by R




The voltage in a circuit is given by the equation V= IR, in this equation v is the voltage Iis correct and R is the resistance the solution for the current is given as follows,


I = V/R

What is resistance?

Resistance is the obstruction of electrons in an electrically conducting material. The mathematical relation for resistance can be understood with the help of the empirical relation provided by Ohm's law.


As for the given problem  if we have to solve for the current from the equation V=IR


I = V/R

Let us suppose a 60-volt battery connected in a closed circuit with a resistor of 15 ohms then we have o find out the amount of current flowing in the circuit,

Voltage = 60V

Resistance = 15 Ohm

Current =?

By using Ohm,s Law,


I = V/R

By substituting the respective values,

I = 60/15

I = 4 Ampere

Hence, we solved for the current from the equation V=IR.

Learn more about resistance from here, refer to the link;



A 645 g block is released from rest at height h0 above a vertical spring with spring constant k = 530 N/m and negligible mass. The block sticks to the spring and momentarily stops after compressing the spring 14.9 cm. How much work is done (a) by the block on the spring and (b) by the spring on the block? (c) What is the value of h0? (d) If the block were released from height 3h0 above the spring, what would be the maximum compression of the spring?








a) W by the block on spring is given by

W= [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex]kx² = [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex](530)(0.149)² =  5.88 J

b)  Workdone by the spring = - Workdone by the block = -5.88J

c) Taking x = 0 at the contact point we have U top = U bottom

So, mg[tex]h_o[/tex] = [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex]kx² - mgx

And, [tex]h_o[/tex]= ( [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex]kx² - mgx )/(mg) = [tex][\frac{1}{2} (530)(0.149^2)-(0.645)(9.8)(0.149)[/tex]]/(0.645x9.8)    

   [tex]h_o[/tex]=   0.78m            

d) Now, if the initial initial height of block is 3[tex]h_o[/tex]

[tex]h_o[/tex] = 3 x 0.78 = 2.34m

then, [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex]kx² - mgx - mg[tex]h_o[/tex] =0


[tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex](530)x²  - [(0.645)(9.8)x] - [(0.645)(9.8)(2.34) = 0

265x² - 6.321x - 14.8 = 0  




By using quadratic eq. formula, we'll have the roots

x= 0.24 or x=-0.225

Considering only positive root:

x= 0.24m (maximum  compression of the spring)



Your answer:

In Greek mythology, this constellation is related with the time the Olympian gods sought refuge in Egypt. Unfortunately, following their epic fighting with the Titans, peace did not closing for long, as the monster Typhon, son of the Titan Tartarus and Earth, sought revenge. Typhon was once a fearsome fire-breathing creature, taller than mountains and with palms which possessed dragons' heads in region of fingers. The Olympian gods sought to break out by way of adopting a number disguises: Zeus, a ram - Hera, a white cow, Bacchus (another model of the fable suggests Pan) a goat. As Typhon approached, Bacchus/Pan threw himself into the Nile but, in a panic, solely succeeded in altering part of his body, ending up with a goat's physique and the tail of a fish. Meanwhile, Zeus had been dismembered via Typhon, however was saved when Bacchus/Pan let out an ear-splitting yell, distracting the monster lengthy ample for an agile Hermes to gather the supreme god's limbs and cautiously fix him. In gratitude, Zeus transferred Bacchus/Pan to the heavens.


Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Capricornus represents a creature that is a blend of fish and goat; the name means "goat horn" in Latin. While it is one of the Zodiac constellations identified by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century, Capricornus is often used when referring to the constellation, while Capricorn is used in conjunction with the sign of the Zodiac.Locating Capricornus

Capricornus is among the faintest constellations, just brighter than Cancer. The 40th largest constellation, Capricornus measures 414 square degrees. It sits among the other constellations of the water genre, including the water-bearer Aquarius, the whale-like sea monster Cetus, the fishes Pisces, and the river Eridanus.

Right Ascension: 21.02 hours

Declination: -20 to -23 degrees

Visible: between latitudes 60 degrees and -90 degrees

Best viewed: During the month of September at 9 p.m.

To find the arrowhead-shaped Capricornus in the sky, look for the Summer Triangle and make a line from Vega through Altair to the lower southern sky.

The tropic of Capricorn the place where the sun appears overhead at noon on the winter solstice originally sliced right through its namesake constellation, but the line has since shifted to go through the constellation .

The constellation has its roots in the cultures of Sumeria — which identified it with a mythical figure that was half goat and half fish — and Babylonia, which portrayed it as a goat-human hybrid.

The Greeks associate the constellation with Pan, the god of nature. Part of Pan's lore was that he helped Zeus fight the Titans to earn his spot in the heavens. He escaped the monster Typhon by jumping into the Nile, but only half of his body was submerged, so he was a fish in the part of his body that remained underwater. Other spins on the tale have the constellation associated with Amalthaea, the mythical goat that acted as a foster mother to Zeus as an infant.

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What test pilot flew the X-1B to Mach 2.3 in December 1954?a. Captain Charles Yeagerb. Captain Frank EverestC. Colonel Jackie "Jack" Ridleyd. A. Scott CrossfieldWho was the first person to fly at Mach 3?a. Captain Milburn Aptb. Lieutenant Bob Hooverc. Colonel Jackie "Jack" Ridleyd. Brigadier General Charles YeagerIIII murded the MASA Distinguished Public Service Medal? Which statement explains the rise of the Kingdom of Kush?As Egypt became weak, Kush became powerful.As Egypt became richer, Kush became powerful,As Egypt became powerful, Kush became weaker,As Egypt became independent, Kush became dependent You expend 1000 W of power in moving a piano 5 meters in 5 seconds. How much force did you exert? Of the following statements, which one or ones describe actions harmful to your credit score? I. Owing a lot of money II. Having many lines of credit III. Making steady payments a. I and II b. II only c. I and III d. I only Please select the best answer from the choices provided A B C D Why would a poet vary the number of feet in lines of poetry? What is a consumer? A: An animal that needs to eat plants or other animals to survive B: One that produce or make their own food or C Organisms that break down a plant and animal remains and waste? please help me! True or False: The sentence below correctly uses a comma before the quote. "Diane," she said, "put the book down and go outside for a little while." is centralised absolutism good or bad? James rented a car for 4 days plus $0.25 per mile. He took the collision waiver for $19.95 per day. He drove the car 352 miles. Gasoline cost $41.38. What was the total cost of renting the car?1 point$61.58$149.33$413.33$209.18 The frequency table represents the results of a survey comparing the average age of household members to the way that they watch non-network television. A 4-column table with 3 rows titled Television Viewing Method. The first column has no label with entries internet, cable, total. The second column is labeled average household age under 40 with entries 54, 81, 135. the third column is labeled average household age 40 or older with entries 23, 92, 115. the fourth column is labeled total with entries 77, 173, 250. Madigan converts the frequency table to a conditional relative frequency table by row. Television Viewing Method A 4-column table with 3 rows titled Television Viewing Method. The first column has no label with entries internet, cable, total. The second column is labeled average household age under 40 with entries W, Y, 0.54. The third column is labeled average household age 40 or older with entries X, Z, 0.46. The fourth column is labeled total with entries 1.0, 1.0, 1.0. Which value should she use for X? Round to the nearest hundredth. 0.09 0.20 0.25 0.30 Which nation was a member of the Allied powers during World War II? Although both organisms have an exoskeleton, the covering of a arthropod is made of differentmaterials than the covering of a(n) ________. Find the slope of the linePlease help me with this question is correct I will mark you as the best answer -1 3/7 (-3 2/5) Find the product simplify if possible The city of Paris, France is completely contained within an almost circular road that goes around the edge. If the diameter of the city is about 7 miles, estimate the circumference and area of the city to the nearest mile or square mile 2.5 kg of potatoes cost 1.40Work out the cost of 4.25 kg of potatoes.5.95 Black man slept in the woods, wet at all times, held guns, and arrived in large numbers to do what? D. Ayuda a un compaero de clase a editar el resumen que hizo de Primero desecundaria. Completa el prrafo con la palabra correcta.Vctor quiere ser el novio de Teresa, a.1.(quien/quin)conoce desde que eran pequeos.2. (EIXEI) problema esque(ell l) no sabe qu hacer para impresionar a Teresa.Su amigo Miguel le dice que a las chicas les encantan las muecas,pero Victor no sabe 4.(si/s) Miguel tiene razn o no.5.(Que/Qu) extrao es Miguel----piensa VictorEs en la clase de francs cuando las cosas se le complican6.(aun/an) ms a Vctor. Despus de fingir saberfrancs, Vctor, paralizado por la vergenza, siente.7.(como cmo) lo miran todos y no sabe 8.(quelqu) decir.A pesar de todo, al final.9. -(si/s) logra impresionar aTeresa, No saba que supieras francs-le dice ella. Vctor,animado de nuevo, corre a la biblioteca 10.(dondel dnde)saca tres libros de francs. The volume of the cylinder below is 108 cm^3.Select the correct radius.a.) 3 cmb.) 6 cmc.) 12 cmd.) 36 cm what lasting effects do Macbeth's actions have on him as a character